I wrote this blog post about a week and a half ago and just saved it because I was hesitant about posting it, but I decided today that I should go ahead and share. It’s not relevant to Urban Homesteading or Real Estate, but I think it will resonate with others who have lived through cancer or walked alongside someone during the fight.  Also, a very positive update to the status since I originally wrote this- Nathan’s liver is NOT failing, praise the Lord!  His shingles just decided to attack his body from the inside-out so everything was struggling to keep up. After several weeks in the hospital, he is expected to be discharged hopefully this coming weekend and can finally go home. He still has an unknown road ahead cancer-wise, but this shingles setback is almost behind him.

Here is my original post:

I don’t think I’ve really established the intent of this blog yet, but my first post said I would share tidbits about my life, so this is a tidbit I suppose. Life can be a lot of things…


For Nathan-


Kool-Aid Stands

Lincoln Logs

Sand Boxes & Centipedes

Matchbox Cars


Climbing Tree (with our own designated sitting spots)

Make-believe houses made out of leaves

Bicycle Races

Radio Flyer Wagon

Cowboys and Indians

Road trips to Oregon in the back of Grandma and Grandpa’s Buick

Hidden fort among the trees

Baseball (and trading cards)

Hide and Seek

Ticking Clocks



Picky Eating


Grandma and Grandpa’s front porch swing



These are all the things I remember when I look into the eyes of my cousin Nathan, who is now fighting the tough battle so many of us know as cancer.  My cousin is just 29 years young and I still see my childhood best friend beyond those tired eyes.  He’s been at war with this disease for the last four-ish years. I still remember the voicemail my Mom left me telling me the news, where I was when I listened to it, and the anger and emotions that swarmed the depths of my being at that moment. I also remember calling him for the first time after getting the news to see how he was feeling and what the next steps were.  He told me about how his grandma (on his other side of the family) prayed over him and he felt the presence of God for the first time. It’s hard to understand what a relief and comfort that is if you don’t believe or have a relationship with God, but this gave me hope and peace back then and it still does now.  I don’t know what lies ahead for Nathan in his current state, lately it seems like one step forward, two steps back, but he hasn’t given up the fight and I don’t expect that he will.


Nathan and I were the only grandchildren to our Grandma Polly and Grandpa Troy for the first 7-8 years of our lives, so we were more like brother and sister, attached at the hip. I’m pretty sure we actually thought the world revolved around us during those years. Even beyond that, Nathan and I were very close until my Grandma Polly passed away when I was about 11 years old. She was the glue that held the two of us together.  After she passed, we didn’t get to see each other as often and our lives went their own ways as we traveled into our teenage years and adulthood. However, there is something so significant about a childhood best friend that forever leaves it’s mark, and Nathan is that to me.

If there is anything positive I can say about this cancer, it’s that it’s brought us back to a point of understanding and cousinhood friendship.

If you pray, please pray for Nathan. He has Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He’s been through so many different chemo treatments, radiation, two stem cell transplants, and he currently has shingles due to his weakened immune system and potential liver failure, which we are currently waiting for the results from the Biopsy for.  Pray that the cancer hasn’t spread and that full restoration is ahead.


HELLO WORLD, a little about me, etc.

I decided to create this blog so I could have one platform to share tidbits about my life, my interests, and my career. Lately, I’ve been anxiously wanting to connect with others in my community that also have honeybees or chickens in their backyards and/or are growing some of their own food. If I’m being honest, it’s my husband, Daniel, who led us in this adventure and does most of the hard work and I basically just reap the benefits and brag about him…

I hope to one day have the same passion about gardening and bees as my husband does. I’m just busy being obsessed with our four chickens at the moment. Their names are Buffy, Chappy 1 & Chappy 2 (lookalikes),  and Snow White. They produce the best eggs in town, in my opinion.  We actually tried to buy a real farm a little over a month ago, one called “Sweet Briar Farms” that came with 135 chickens and the prettiest greenhouses Daniel ever did see, but our offer was outbid by another buyer. It would have been a big risk for us anyways and a lot to maintain, so I think it all worked out for the best. Having gone through that experience though and spending hours dreaming of “what could be”, we now have a vision to someday move beyond just our backyard homesteading operation.

I also have a cat named Tesla that hates everyone except Daniel and me so the only way I can show her sweet side is through Instagram, which I just might do a little too often. Sorry followers.


We moved to Kent, WA from Spokane, WA in 2012. The transition was hardest on me with leaving our family, friends, and church home behind, but after almost four years living in a suburb of Seattle, I think I kind of like it here.   The rain can seem over-redundant at times but all the green around us makes it a reasonable tradeoff for me.  I’m grateful to be a few hours drive from our Washington coastline. I always tell people that “nothing is more beautiful than where the mountains meet the ocean” and that place is basically in our backyard. So, I gladly endure the rain.

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La Push, Second Beach


My husband is an Electrician for Local 46 in the Union (I think that’s the right Local, but don’t quote me) and I am a Realtor with Keller Williams Puget Sound.  “Do you know anyone that is looking to buy or sell Real Estate?” is what I should be asking, so hey, do you know anyone that is looking to buy or sell Real Estate? Kidding, but seriously though. I may occasionally share Real Estate news and statistics if I think it’s relevant to my community or just crazy stories here and there about a day in the life of a Realtor.

I started dabbling in running about this time last year and ran my first half-marathon in July 2015 and am registered to do the same one again this year (See Jane Run, Seattle). I don’t enjoy running, but I appreciate running, if that makes any sense. I like the way I feel after a run and the discipline it teaches me to endure something that is not pleasant knowing that it will have a positive outcome for my health. While we are on the topic of health and me,  I also like doing a Whole30 every now and again. Look it up if you don’t know what it is. I think everyone should know about it and try it.   #itstartswithfood

I just put a hashtag in a blog post, am I supposed to do that? No idea.

I’m not sure where exactly this blog is going. I’m not much of a writer at all, I tend to over-use commas and parentheses.  I’m also terrible at organizing my thoughts and my emotions, which may have already been evident from this post alone.

Anyways, it’s almost 12pm and I usually go to bed much earlier, so I need to wrap this up before my head falls on the keyboard and I accidentally delete all that I’ve written.  Thanks for reading the splatter of thoughts and ideas above! Comment if you have any questions about me, our backyard operation, or… anything I suppose.

Be Blessed!